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So What Happened?

  After we posted the story of Fred Reincke and The Gum Leaf Gas Company last month, the most asked question we have had is “So What happened?” Below are… Continue Reading»

An Early Longwarry Inventor

We found the following newspaper stories as a result of a family member contacting us with some details of their family in Longwarry about 1895. It was not about what… Continue Reading»

Can You Help?

Can You Help?. We are seeking any relative or anyone who has information about Mary Christina Maclure (nee Kennedy) She was born in Longwarry in 1884, her parents were John… Continue Reading»

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About the Longwarry & District History Group Inc.

Welcome to The Longwarry and District History Group Website, an exciting development for the District and we emphasise the word District, as this site is dedicated not just to the township but to the history of all those areas that have the 3816 postcode, so we invite the residents past and present of Labertouche, Longwarry North and Modella to get on board.

There are 3 major objectives for this website:

  1. To reconnect past residents with the District.
  2. To inform new residents of our history and how so much of what they enjoy from living here, is a result of the work of many who have gone before them.
  3. To provide an educational resource, free of charge to schools, students and other not for profit organisations.

So as you browse these pages, think about what you might have to contribute, become your own historian and post the stories of your family, their photographs and anecdotes. We will save them and preserve them for generations to come.

Regardless of whether your family lived here for one day, or a hundred years, a piece of the District lives in you and a piece of you lives in the history of the District.

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The Longwarry District

Longwarry and District covers the postcode 3816 in Victoria, Australia. It includes Longwarry, Labertouche and Modella.

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