1. Geoff says:

    Our family briefly farmed a property on Hammond Rd around 1953. I was probably no older than 2 when we moved there from Allendale East SA where Dad had previously farmed on a dairy property adjacent to his brother’s. While I have few memories of the period, I know that my parents were friends of Don and Eun Murada whose home still stands on the Drouin road. I also remember names such as Herb Missen whose Ferguson tractor Dad sometimes borrowed, Wells and Geraghtys. Mum, a city girl and asthmatic, did not cope well with the wet climate, and when some of the cows contracted bruxellosis (sp) we left the farm and moved to Kew to live with my nanna. I have a few very early memories of the farm which I can record some other time, but most of what I know came from my parents who remained friends of the Muradas after they had moved to Croydon.

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